Manpower Labor Rental and Contracting

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  • Manpower Deployment Services Supply

  • General Labor & Civil Work Supply

  • Covid Classroom Solution

  • Cleaning and Sanitization Services

  • Pest Control & Fumigation Services

  • MEP Contracting and Maintenance

  • Architectural Design Phase Contracting Services

Pre-Design Phase (PD)
Site AnalysisSurvey (Material & Existing Building Investigation)As-built drawingSite PhotosConceptClient BriefTime frame Process
Schematic Design (SD)
Mood BoardPreliminary Floor PlansFurniture LayoutElevationInterior 3D PerpectiveOutline Specifications
Design Development (DD)
Interior/Architect Revises drawing based on Owner feedback from SD phaseElevationsSectionsConstruction Drawing & DetailsMillwork and CabinetrySchedulesSoft & Hard Finish ScheduleFF&E
Construction Documents (CD)
Bill of QuantityProject ScheduleSpecificationDesign Development Revision

  • FTTH Network Telecom Civil Works

  • Uninterrupted power Supply (UPS) Supply & Installation

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) has over 45 years of experience in providing high quality energy supply in many fields such as IT Applications, Industries, Infrastructures and Healthcare Sectors. Its products are approved by most demanding customers : Telecom & IT companies worldwide, Ministries of Defense & Aviation, Health & Education, etc. They ensure highest availability by providing state of the art UPS technology through significant R&D resources combined either with wide range of battery types or with other
energy storage system.

Also, all UPS factories are certified to ISO 9001 for its design and production & ISO 14001 for its commitment to preserve the environment.

UPS product range of emergency power supplies, static transfer systems, harmonic equalizers, rectifiers, and DC/AC & AC/DC converters comprise the most complete ranges in the world and cover a very wide range of applications for every sector as follows :

1. Single and Three-phase UPS from 550 VA to 900 kVA -
Single-phase UPS from 1 to 10 kVASingle-phase UPS from 1.5 to 24 kVASingle and Three-phase UPS from 8 to 120 kVAThree-phase UPS from 160 to 300 kVAThree-phase UPS from 25 to 600 kWEMergency Emergency Power Supplies from 3 to 200 kVAUPS Power Infrastructure in Container from 100 kW to 1.84 MW
2. Static, Electronic and Automatic Transfer Systems - Single and Three-phase STS from 32 to 4000 A

3. Rectifiers from 15A to 600A - Industrial DC Power Station from 15 to 200 A

4. Adapted Solutions - DC/AC Inverters from 1.5 to 18 kVA

  • HVAC Ducting Supply & Installation

  • Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Supply & Installation

  • Material Supply & Installation

  • Security System Supply

Security System:
CCTV, VMS, Recording System
Access Control
Fire Alarm
Burglar Alarm
Public Address System
Infrared and Motion Detection
Perimeter Fence Protection

Communication System:
IT, Wi-Fi, Network
Voice/Data Communication
Telephone / PBX
Fiber Optic System Solution
Time Attendance
Queuing System

  • Audio Visual System Supply

Special Equipment:
Multi-Media, Audio Visual
Digital Signage, Video Wall
Projection System
Clock System
Sound System
Auditorium, Conference System
Video Conference System
Wireless Voting System
Wireless Interpreter System
Speaker System, Automation System

Management System:
Computer's Staff's Activities Monitoring and Recording System, Multiple Presentation Display Conference System

Hotel & Residential System:
Home Automation, Home Music System
Control System, Audio/Video Intercom

Education System:
Computer and English Learning Laboratory
Multi-Media Display
Audio-Visual Equipment Solution

  • Operation & Maintenance Services

Operation & Maintenance Services Contract:

Preventive & Maintenance Services Contract:

Technical Support Services:

Audio Visual and Security System
electronics, special equipment's, repair, troubleshooting and support

  • Building Construction, Civil Works, Renovation Services


Please be inform we only entertain Direct Client's / Customer's

We do not supply labor's to any sub-contractor or 2nd Party Labor Contractor's

  • Labor/Helper (Multi Sponsor) 16.00 / per hour

  • Labor/Helper (Single Sponsor) 17.00-19.00 / per hour

  • Skilled Worker 19.00-24.00 / per hour

  • Professional 24.00-45.00 / per hour

Thank you for your inquiry

Standard Policies Not Negotiable

  • Manpower Standard Rates: Not Negotiable, We do not accept below our Rates

  • Labor/Helper (Multi Sponsor) 16.00 / per hour

  • Labor/Helper (Single Sponsor) 17.00-19.00 / per hour

  • Skilled Worker 19.00-24.00 / per hour

  • Professional 24.00-45.00 / per hour

  • Contract Policy: Must be with down payment or Bank Guarantee upon signing the Contract.

  • Contract Duration: must be 1 year or more

  • Mode of Payment: Within 3 Days in Submission of Invoice

  • Payment delay according to Mode of Payment will cause labor to stop work

  • Work Hours: Must be 10 Hrs / per day (6 days a week, 26 days per month)

  • More than 10 hours & Fridays will be counted as overtime

  • Food, Accommodation and Transportation (FAT) must be provided by the client.

  • Safety and Tools shall be provided by the client

  • PPE if needed and required shall be provided by the client.

  • COVID-19 Test if needed and required shall be provided by the client.

  • Emergency Medical (First Aid): must be provided by the client.

  • Any accident occurs in the work place, under the client treatment and expenses

  • Note: Any other additional site expenses should be under the client costs.

  • Note:

  • We supply manpower only, which is under our company costs in hiring and keeping manpower

  • Any other additional site expenses should be under the client costs.

  • We do business only that will benefit our company

  • We only reply to inquiries that meet our policy.

  • You're always welcome to inquire about what is acceptable in doing business with us.

  • Please try again if your inquiries do not meet our standard

  • Thank you


ManpowerRate Per/Hour
Labor / Helper14.00-19.00 / per hour
Skilled Worker19.00-24.00 / per hour
Prof. Engineer24.00-45.00 / per hour

Maintenance Contracting Services

1. IFM Services
2. Support Services
3. MEP & Renovations
4. Operations & Maintenance
5. Landscaping
6. Janitorial and Cleaning
7. Pest control
8. Security Guarding
9. Specialized Cleaning